Embark on sonic adventures. Listen to stories and sounds to dream deeper into possible and desirable futures in our current times of collapse and crisis. 

I keep my hands on the pulse of the world and invite you to lend an ear…
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Each year in September, people gather on Lenapehoking – the ancestral territory of the Lenape people – to attend the New York Climate Week. But this year was quite special… Are you curious to hear more from people turning the tides for climate justice?

When ambient electronic music meets spoken word…

I wrote this poem at the international symposium on soundscape in Lugano, Switzerland, in October 2023. The theme was looking at how sound creations and listening practices can help us shape better futures for human and more-than-human life.

The musical accompaniment was a spontaneous creation offered by my friend Squiff Eye, photographer, graphic designer and sound producer. Listen here for more spoken word tracks.

Hello there,

I’m Louise. I trained as an anthropologist in Germany, Canada and Denmark. I have been actively campaigning for Indigenous rights and climate justice these past years. In 2023, I took a deep dive into the production of immersive sound journeys which I’m releasing as a podcast show: Circle of Voices.

When I am not traveling, I live on the edge of a small community woodland in Stroud (South West England). I also love to dance and to perform spoken word.


Exploring sound activism and multispecies storytelling

Circle of Voices is a podcast bringing together authentic stories from the frontlines of climate action, sounds from nature and atmospheric recordings.


2024 Collaborations

I am thrilled to join the 2024 cohort of the Bio-Leadership Fellowship, a 9 months programme and a community of practice designed to work like nature.

I have been invited to join Earth Decides, a community of world experts, scientists, influencers and creatives brought together by the Center for Nature and Climate at the World Economic Forum.

I am also a member of Forum Klanglandschaft, the Canadian Association for Acoustic Ecology and a board member of Stop Ecocide Canada.


Hire me as a voice-over artist for your projects. I offer my services in: Français, English, Deutsch, Español.


Canada, summer 2022

Experimental soundscapes

* Iridescence on the Athabasca river – listen here
* Magpies and drills in Maskwacis – listen here

Broadcasting the laws of the lands and waters
Lhulhamktulhs ala ts’ktaliwalh alh ti s-kulhulmcilh t’ayc n wa sulutilh ats 

While on the road, I had the chance to be introduced to Sheldon Tallio Nuhawhawta, one of the hosts on the Nuxalk Radio. He invited me to talk on P’alcxit morning show in Bella Coola (Central British Columbia, Canada). Go here to read more or simply listen below.

When he asked me what brought me hope:

"Talking with people in Turtle Island who have lived here since time immemorial. In your Smayusta, origin stories, you talk about the Great Flood and the Great Fire. These are happening now, we are again going through an era where these challenges are unfolding. I love to think about that resilience as hopeful. You are still here and you will probably still be here. What can we learn from that?"

Brasil, autumn 2022

Destinations visited:

* Camanducaía, Minas Geraís
* Barra Velha (Pataxó), Bahia
* Salvador da Bahia
* Tumbira, Amazonas
* Rio de Janeiro

Immersive sound journey through Brasil

In this journey, I guide you through some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, from the Coast of Bahia to the heart of the Amazon, sharing songs and prayers from the Pataxó people, bringing you the entrancing chant of the Yoruba ocean goddess Yemanja, and even getting you involved into Brasilian politics.

The songs featured are from the Pataxó communities of Barra Velha and Porto do Boi (in Bahia) and a displaced community in Paraty. ‘Yemanja’ was recorded in Salvador, as part of the Balé Folclórico da Bahia.

UN Biodiversity Conference -COP 15- in Tio’tià:ke (Montreal), December 2022

For two weeks, representatives from civil society, business, finance and politicians from 196 countries gathered to agree on a global biodiversity framework: a strategic plan to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. In my show, I deliberately feature the voices of youth, women and Indigenous peoples. Voices featured:

* Elisabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity)
* Aishwarya Puttur, youth climate justice organiser with Mock COP
* Grandma Klasom Satlt’xw Losah, land defender and matriarch at Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek Blockade

In this special episode created for RAVENDebriefs, I bring together recordings from the Athabasca river with voices from Indigenous land & water protectors and members of the Canadian organisation ‘Keepers of the Water’. After decades of extracting bitumen (a form of crude oil) in Northern Alberta, the toxic wastewater from the mining activities is starting to become a problem…

Hear from Melody Lepine, Tori Cress, Daniel T’seleie and Paul Belanger, as they all shared their concerns as part of a press conference at the latest UN biodiversity conference -COP15- last December in Tio’tià:ke, Montreal.